2022 Eco Credit Token to Rise | Tokenizing Renewable Energy, Clean Tech and Reforestation Projects

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A new frontrunner in blockchain-powered renewable energy, EcoWatt, has secured a $110 million token investment commitment from Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Digital Limited. Ultimately, EcoWatt (EWT) will help establish a greener future by contributing to the solution of existential climate change issues through renewable energy and reforestation projects.

The GEM Digital Limited firm specializes in investing in digital assets. Over 30 centralized and decentralized exchanges around the world list this firm’s utilities tokens. It operates out of The Bahamas, sources tokens and structures investments.

In addition to its Paris, New York and Bahamas operations, GEM Digital Limited has a $3.4 billion capital market portfolio. With more than 530 transactions completed in 72 countries, it manages a diverse set of emerging market investment vehicles. Operating controls, risk-adjusted returns, liquidity profiles, and risk factors vary considerably between investment vehicles.

Tokenizing carbon credits and providing provenance on their Web 3 platform is EcoWatt’s role as a renewable energy company. As part of a broader ecosystem powered by blockchain, these carbon credits are one component of a tokenized ecosystem for renewable energy, clean technology, and reforestation projects.

By 2025, the company plans to plant 100 million trees as part of its green portfolio. The green portfolio consists of up to 10 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity and a growing renewable energy pipeline. A wide range of renewable energy infrastructure projects are in place, including wind farms, solar plants, hydrogen plants, reforestation projects, as well as a variety of geothermal power plants.

The EcoWatt (EWT) generator generates carbon credits which have real-life utility regardless of the stock market’s ups and downs. The use and value of carbon credits will be enforced until at least 2050, making EcoWatt a reliable store of value.

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